Joining Floodtide Navigate

FLOODTIDE NAVIGATE: an exploration of music, tide and people on a 46ft sailing yacht Jacomina

We are looking for collaborators to join this musical tide expedition. Whether you are a performer, artist, writer, scientist, academic or can contribute with skills such as sailing, IT, media, social media, cooking, engineering, fishing, admin or other, we would love to hear from you.

Jacomina, the Floodtide Navigate boat, a classic 46ft Swan  

Our route is divided into weekly legs. Collaborators join on a Sunday in one place and depart the following Saturday at a different place. As a participant you will become the crew for that leg of the journey. We will sail during the week and stop for the weekend to rehearse and perform Floodtide with local musicians. You will get involved in sailing, navigating and running the boat, taking part in Floodtide events as well as doing your own work if you wish to while relaxing and having fun. When deciding which leg to join you may wish to consider the category of sailing, the leg distance, how you will travel to and from, as well as the places that may be visited.

Character of the leg; 

Inshore; inland waterways which are sheltered with no significant wave height. Relatively easy access to places to moor. Inshore passages are suitable for people with little or no sailing experience.

Coastal; coastal passages up to 20 miles from a safe haven in open water. Wave heights may be significant but it is normally possible to find shelter in a few hours. Coastal passages can be more demanding than inshore passages and are suitable for people that have some sailing experience.

Offshore; offshore passages may be over 60 miles from a safe haven at times. Wave heights may be significant and in some cases it may take a day or more to find shelter. Offshore passages are suitable for people with sailing experience that fancy a challenge!


You register to join Floodtide Navigate by emailing your name, contact details, the leg you wish to join, and which skill/knowledge/interest you will bring to . There is no deadline. If there is a place on the leg you wish to join, you will receive a confirmation with all necessary details [PDF]. We aim to inform you within two weeks of receiving your email whether there is a place available.  


Floodtide Navigate is organised by the non-profit arts group Informal. There is no charge for taking part but you will be invited to make a voluntary contribution towards mooring, diesel and running cost of the boat and it will not affect your registration or your stay onboard if you are not able to pay this.  We shop and eat together; a cost for basic food supplies of up to ten euros per day will cover all meals on board - breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and snacks.


we are looking for contributors at each location. Every weekend there will be a Floodtide workshop, performance and occasionally other events such as talks or demonstrations. Please email  if you or your group/organisation would like to be involved.

Itinerary (link to map)


[Leg 1] Antwerp to Dieppe
20th to 28th March 2015
Coastal 185 miles


[Leg 2] Dieppe to Paimpol
29th March to 4th April 2015
Coastal 202 miles

[Leg 3] Paimpol to Brest
5th to 11th April 2015
Coastal 160 miles

[Leg 4] Brest to St. Nazaire
Tuesday 14th to Sat 18th April 2015 - shorter!
Coastal 147 miles

[Leg 5] St Nazaire to La Rochelle
19th to 25th April 2015
Coastal 95 miles

[Leg 6] La Rochelle to Bilbao
26th April to 2nd May 2015
Offshore 185 miles


[Leg 7] Bilbao to Gijon
3rd to 9th May 2015
Coastal 115 miles

[Leg 8] Gijon to Ribadeo
10th to 16th May 2015
Coastal 65 miles

[Leg 9] Ribadeo to La Coruna
17th to 23rd May 2015
Coastal 79 miles

[Leg 10] La Coruna to Padstow
24th to 30th May 2015
Offshore 500 miles


[Leg 11] Padstow to Cardiff
31st May to 6th June 2015
Coastal 97 miles

[Leg 12] Cardiff to Bristol
7th to 13th June 2015
Inshore 28 miles

[Leg 13] Bristol Big Green Week 
14th to 20th June 2015
In harbour

[Leg 14] Bristol to Milford Haven
21st to 27th June 2015
Coastal 107 miles

[Leg 15] Milford Haven to Dublin
28th June to 4th July 2015
Offshore 120 miles


[Leg 16] Dublin to Belfast
5th to 11th July 2015
Coastal 110 miles

[Leg 17] Belfast to Barrow in Furness
12th to 18th July 2015
Coastal / Offshore 110 miles


[Leg 18] Barrow in Furness to St Katherine Dock, London
2nd to 16th August
Offshore 650 miles

Special Project with Estuary Group

[Leg 19] St Katherine’s Dock to St Katherines’s Dock
17th to 21st August
[Leg 20] St Katherine’s Dock to St Katherines’s Dock
24th to 28st August

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