Floodtide Navigate : BBC Cumbria radio interview on Jacomina 21 July

Jenny Dennett from BBC Radio Cumbria interviewed John Eacott, Andrew Deakin and Lena Augustinson onboard Jacomina Tuesday 21 July by Barrow Town Quay. The interview was rounded up with a Floodtide 'sound bite' performance with Andrew Deakin from the Full of Noises Festival kindly volunteering as a human music stand. This broadcast is scheduled for Friday 24 July at 7.23am on BBC Radio CumbriaOn Sunday 2nd August 2015 there will be the first ever 12 hour performance of live tide in the Barrow Park Bandstand in Barrow-in-Furness performed by local musicians and non-musicians. click here if you want to take part


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