Floodtide by John Eacott makes music from the movement of tidal water. Join us for performances at Estuary 2016 where musicians will play the sounds of the Thames Estuary live in the apt surroundings of a cruise liner terminal. In 2015 Floodtide Navigate undertook an epic sailing tour of the UK and Europe, making sonifications of tidal waterways. 

Alongside our touring tidal sensor, we also have a permanent sensor at Trinity Buoy Wharf, the site of the Floodtide Listening Post. This submerged sensor gathers information from the tidal flow that is converted into musical notation read from screens or mobile phones by musicians allows live notation from the Thames to be streamed constantly from our website.  Alongside this, the Floodtide Listening Post, a mechanical music machine made by sculptor Andrew Baldwin, is now installed permanently at Trinity Buoy Wharf, making the music audible to visitors.  The piece has now been performed over 20 times at venues including Trinity Buoy Wharf, The Roundhouse, Royal Observatory Greenwich, Thames Festival, Southbank Centre and the Royal Shakespeare Company.  Ensembles have included classical musicians, taiko drummers, and members of groups such as Tomorrow’s Warriors and Voice Lab.  No performance of Floodtide is the same, with the music being constantly affected by environmental factors such as wind, air pressure, rain, and even passing boats.  Floodtide is a sonification of tidal flow.

“John Eacott’s Floodtide is a very unusual, and probably important, piece of music…The fascination in the music is exactly the non-intentionality behind it: musical events are not decided by the composer or players…Something that closely models natural processes is at work here.” Steve Beresford, composer and journalist

About John Eacott - Composer. John is a jazz trumpeter, composer and yachtsman. His career began in the 1980s performing and composing for Loose Tubes, Test Dept and other groups. He has written for TV, film and theatre including the scores for 'Great Expectations' at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in 2016, the 2014 Old Vic production 'Fortune's Fool' and 2012's RSC 'Taming of the Shrew'. Previous algorithmic work includes the generative electronica CD 'Morpheus' in 2001 and interactive sound space 'Intelligent Street' in 2003. He has been developing and performing Floodtide since 2008 and is an RYA Yachtmaster Instructor.