Hour Angle Solstice 2016
June 20, 2016
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On 20th June 2016 a performance took place of John Eacott' s sun sonification work Hour Angle in London and France simultaneously.

At the Vortex jazz club Dalston, London, an evening of solstice themed music opened with the Morley Jazz Orchestra performing the 'Stonehenge Suite' written in 1963 by Richard Peaslee. 

At 2234 BST Hour Angle began outside the Vortex,played by the Morley Jazz Orchestra and an accumulation of musicians and singers. The performance ended at 2334 - the moment of solstice.

At the same time (2334 French time) there was a performance in Couëron, France with professional and stududent musicians under the direction of Clara Bodet and Christophe Havard. 


Here's a performance and a short explanation of Hour Angle in Aix En Provence in 2010.