17th & 18th September
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Hear the tide of the Thames Estuary transformed into music, performed live in the unique venue of Tilbury Cruise terminal.
Floodtide - music from the tide
Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September, 12:50-1:50pm, Lower Landing Stage, Tilbury Cruise Liner Terminal, FREE.
As part of 2016’s Estuary Festival, composer John Eacott will be presenting his sonification work Floodtide, which makes music from the flow of tidal water. A submerged sensor in the Thames Estuary at Tilbury will gather information from tidal flow that is converted into musical notation and read from screens or mobile phones by musicians.  Members of the Southend brass band, and those from Saint Nazaire, Brittany, amongst others, will ‘play the tide’ in the unusual concert venue of Tilbury Cruise Liner terminal.
Additionally on Sunday 18th September at 11.30am, John Eacott will be discussing the work in the Salon, Tilbury Cruise Terminal.
Address: Lower Landing Stage, Tilbury Cruise Terminal, Ferry Road, Tilbury, Thurrock, RM18 7NG

By Rail
From London
HS2 from St Pancras to Gravesend - short walk to Gravesend Ferry - Ferry direct to Tilbury Cruise Terminal Landing Stage (see here for ferry prices)
From Southend / London
C2C from London Fenchurch Street to Tilbury Town. 
Then short bus ride from station - No. 99 (not Sundays)

By Road 
From the West (London)
M25 / Junction 30 /A13 eastbound (Tilbury and Southend).
Exit onto A1089/ Dock Approach Rd Continue to follow A1089.
Take 2nd exit at the "ASDA / McDonalds" to Port.
Continue past the Port of Tilbury entrance on the right
Continue as far as the road takes you. Cruise Terminal at the end.

From The East (Southend / Basildon / Pitsea..) 
Follow the A13 towards the M25 and leave at the A1089 exit.
Continue as above.

From Kent
Travel to Gravesend High Street - Parking available - short walk to Gravesend to Tilbury Ferry Terminal. Ferry direct to Tilbury Cruise Terminal Landing Stage

Ferry Times - please see here - please note, the ferry will be running on Sunday 18th to support the Shorelines programme.

Floodtide is supported by Nortek, and presented by Estuary 2016.
June 30, 2016
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Floodtide at St Brevin involved over 100 youth and community musicians and a choir from 5 music schools around the Loire estuary.

June 20, 2016
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On 20th June 2016 a performance took place of John Eacott' s sun sonification work Hour Angle in London and France simultaneously.

At the Vortex jazz club Dalston, London, an evening of solstice themed music opened with the Morley Jazz Orchestra performing the 'Stonehenge Suite' written in 1963 by Richard Peaslee. 

At 2234 BST Hour Angle began outside the Vortex,played by the Morley Jazz Orchestra and an accumulation of musicians and singers. The performance ended at 2334 - the moment of solstice.

At the same time (2334 French time) there was a performance in Couëron, France with professional and stududent musicians under the direction of Clara Bodet and Christophe Havard. 


Here's a performance and a short explanation of Hour Angle in Aix En Provence in 2010. 


March to August 2015
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From March to August 2015 Floodtide set sail on board a yacht on an epic journey around UK and Europe. Over 4000 miles, the project made sonification performances of many tidal waterways in conjunction with local musicians and arts organisations. Having set sail from Antwerp in Belgium, Floodtide visited northern France and Britanny before crossing Biscay to Northern Spain. This was followed by a 500 mile passage from La Coruna to Padstow in Cornwall en route to Wales, Bristol, Dublin and Cumbria. During the voyage, the project played host to 28 artists, writers, film-makers and scientists who boarded the yacht to pursue their own work. You can see documentation of this on our blog. 



August 02, 2015
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A 12 hour performance of a full tidal cycle from 9.30am-9.30pm as part of the fanastic Full of Noises Festival.

The culmination of our five-month sonification tour, the Floodtide boat sailed into Barrow-in-Furness to sonify a full 12-hour cycle of the Walney Channel tide, working with local musicians.  

June 27, 2015
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Musicians were invited to join a experimental workshop playing music from tidal data, playing alongside a live streamed performance from the Floodtide boat in Milford Haven. 
Hosted by Royal Museums Greenwich as part of Greenwich and Docklands International Festival. 
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Jacomina is currently in Milford-Haven. On the 27th June performing as part of the Milford-Haven Fish Festival, Floodtide will be live streamed to a workshop in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, allowing the two groups of musicians to play together.  Performance from 1pm in Milford Haven. For details on the London event click here.

To Milford-Haven
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On board with John from Bristol to Milford-Haven were poet Germander Speedwell, underwater photographer Emma Critchley, artist and filmmaker Abigail Sidebotham and filmmaker Nathan Hughes

15th - 21st June 2015
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From Cardiff, Jacomina sailed into Bristol where we moored in a fantastic location in the floating harbour.  The sensor was submerged upstream in the river Avon. As part of environmental festival Big Green Week we ran daily Floodtide workshops, culminating in a performance by local group COMA Bristol(Following which CoMA and other musicians joined us back on Jacomina for a Swedish midsummer feast!).  On board during Big Green Week was artist Ellie Shipman who ran public workshops making 'Flags for the Future' which were hoisted onto Jacomina's mast.

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Cardiff to Bristol

On board were artists Emma Critchley and Ellie Shipman. Underwater photographer and film maker Emma spent time with John attaching cameras to Jacomina's hull. Socially engaged artist Ellie worked towards a series of flag making workshops she ran in Bristol during Leg 13. Images courtesy Ellie Shipman and Floodtide.

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Sailing back to the UK
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Following a great performance in Ribadeo, Jacomina set sail for the UK on her longest non-stop Floodtide voyage yet - 474 miles across 4 days.

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Gijon to Ribadeo, Spain. 

On board with us was sailor, mender of things and accordian player Peter Kavanagh.

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Bilbao - Guetaria - Pasajes (Spain).

On board with us was Anna-Karin Andersson and Peter and Henrietta Fudakowski. We performed in Pasajes on board the amazing theatre boat 'The Ship of Fools'.

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A Haiku by Lena - Brest, France, Thursday 9 April

The heating is on
and the sun is so welcomed
What else do you need?

Full cherbourg brest

Haikus by Lena Augustinson

Friday 3 April Boulogne France
Preparing to cross
and a long voyage ahead
Fixing and doing

Saturday 4 April  Boulogne - Fecamp France
Up to a seven
Full sails on Jacomina
We are very tired

Sunday 5 April Decamp - Cherbourg , France
A warm friendly sail
makes a bright and happy trip
to umbrella town

Monday 6 April Cherbourg - L’Aber Wrac’h France
Twenty-four hours
Followed by the sun and moon
Blessed by a porpoise

Tuesday 7 April Cherbourg -L’aber Wrac’h France
No spa treatment in
the world can beat the hot shower
at L’Aber Wrac’hin France

March 23, 2015
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Cutty Sark Studio Theatre, Greenwich

Performing Arts and Music students from Lewisham Southwark College performed The Tempest at the Cutty Sark Studio Theatre.

This re-imagining of the play included live music created by the river Thames in collaboration with Floodtide. 


'The Floodtide project is an amazing teaching resource. In using it to devise a soundtrack to theatre and dance our students had so many fascinating problems to address: musical, aesthetic, technical and logistical. They found the experience wholly rewarding'.
Jon Fell, Music  Course Team Leader


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The first leg of the Floodtide Navigate tour departed from Antwerp, Belgium and sailed to Dieppe, France. Joining us on board were Andre Schmidt and Gill Scheuer.  Local musicians joined us to perform Floodtide live on Napolean Kaai, Antwerp which we live streamed.

September 07, 2014
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To celebrate 50 of the most spectacular Tall Ships in the World racing from Falmouth to Greenwich, and docking there for a weekend of events,  National Maritime Museum invited us to perform Floodtide as part of the celebrations, this time featuring the very apt Taiko Meantime drummers for a rousing celebration of all things maritime!



July 19, 2014
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Video stills courtesy Steph Bryant.

This performance of Floodtide made music from the tide of the Walney Channel. A submerged sensor at the Dock Museum, Barrow-in-Furness gathered information from tidal flow that was converted into musical notation and read from screens or mobile phones by musicians.  Following a public workshop, performers included sound artists, a non-musician who performed using locally sourced driftwood and children. 

Part of Octopus Collective's Machine Music weekend. For more info visit here.


May 18, 2014
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Images courtesy of Hannah Maule Ffinch.

Floodtide on the Effra was a musical performance by Southwark musicians at locations along the route of the subterranean River Effra. The music was generated by a sensor submerged at the point where the Effra meets the Thames at Vauxhall.  Performers from South London Samba, Mind and Soul Choir, Southwark Music Service and public partipants played along the Effra route in Dulwich, before gathering in Dulwich Park for a grand finale.

This performance was made possible by Southwark Events as part of Dulwich Festival.




April 20, 2014
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Images courtesy Sophie Yetton.

Floodtide Worldwide was a series of live and Skyped performances to celebrate the launch of online Floodtide notation.

Musicians from London, Leeds, Northamptonshire (UK) and Boston (USA) live broadcast performances of Floodtide over Skype. Ensembles including Wolfpack, JE Brass 5 and MA_ensemble performed live at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.
Musicians - play the tide online wherever you are and send us your videos to add to our Tide Archive.


Trinity Buoy Wharf
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Images courtesy Sophie Yetton and Floodtide.

The Floodtide Listening Post is a mechanical music machine at Trinity Buoy Wharf, Docklands. The post, built by sculptor Andrew Baldwin, plays Floodtide notation, which is being generated from tidal data from our sensor submerged in the Thames, also on site.

The listening post is open for viewing every day. For visitor information please visit the Trinity Buoy Wharf website.

The build of the post was made possible by the Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust and Arts Council England.

April 19, 2014
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Images courtesy Sophie Yetton.

To launch the Listening Post  the Chainstore at Trinity Buoy Wharf hosted a grand performance of Floodtide, featuring the Dulwich Folk Choir and Joji Hirota's Thames Daiku.


Full sensor website

Floodtide works by using a acoustic doppler transmitter submerged in a water source to read data, which is transformed by custom software into musical notation.  The specific sensor we use is a Nortek Vectrino. Nortek, suppliers of acoustic instruments for measuring water motion, have provided Floodtide with generous support of advice on all things tidal since the project began.  We are extremely grateful for their support which has enabled John to experiment with unique and innovative ways of mapping data and transforming it into notation.

November 28, 2013
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Floodtide Open - Part of 'Lost at Sea Late' at the National Maritime Museum Greenwich, a night of nautical-themed events to mark the opening of exhibition Turner and the Sea.

Music generated by the flow of tide from our sensor at Trinity Buoy Wharf played live by musicians including members of contemporary music ensemble Wolf Pack.
September 24, 2013
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Musicians gathered under Blackfriars Rail Bridge to play musical notation generated by the tidal flow of the Thames.  


May 10, 2013
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Floodtide was performed at the Dorfman Hub, The Roundhouse on 10th May 2013 as part of the Accidental Festival. A sensor at Trinity Buoy Wharf, Docklands, read tidal data which was transformed into notation sung by workshop participants.

Ana Maio, Ciara Burrows, Lucy Hooberman, Thomas Brennan, Milda Samsonaite, Rory Mernagh, Hua Tan, Andrew Walsh, Peter Gordon, Emmett Glynn, Iris Ederer, Bethan Mascarenhas, Toril Briese.

Lyrics for this performance are taken from Paul Francis' illustrated story, Tidalism.



April 12, 2013
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Floodtide was performed by contemporary music collective Wolf Pack as part of their eighth concert 'Tide' at Chisenhale Dance Space in East London.  Floodtide was performed alongside works by Frederic Rzewski, Beach House, Gareth Churchill, Toru Takemitsu, Grouper, Vangelis, George Brecht and Malcolm Arnold.


March 06, 2013
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Floodtide was performed as one of Octopus Collective's FON Air Micro-Commissions on March 6th 2013.  Octopus Collective, based in Barrow-in-Furness, hosted a live radio broadcast of Floodtide using local musicians, streamed on http://www.octopuscollective.org/.

February 24, 2013
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Floodtide was performed as part of the Network Music Festival, a weekend of performances, installations and workshops linked by a common theme of networking.  Here, simulated data from the Thames at London Bridge was played by the amazing MA_ENSEMBLE from Leeds, a group of percussion, strings, woodwind and brass.  

September 05, 2012
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Artwork Lou Rose, Image Graham Shorrock
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Artwork Emma Eagle, Image Graham Shorrock


These performances of Floodtide saw performers reading the notation from iPads for the first time.  Over the course of a year John ran music workshops with students from local Ipswich schools, whilst students in subject areas ranging from geography to art made work inspired by the themes surrounding Floodtide and the River Orwell. Performances and exhibitions took place at Ipswich High School for Girls and University Campus Suffolk.

July 04, 2010
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This 6 hour performance of Floodtide, lasting a whole incoming tide cycle, was performed as part of Southbank Centre’s See Further Festival of Science and Arts to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the Royal Society.  Musicians taking in turn to play included members of youth jazz group Tomorrow’s Warriors, and vocalists from Voice Lab.

“It worked beautifully,…I was just thrilled that it made the impact that it did and that it provided an intriguing and engaging event within the festival.” Gillian Moore, Head of Classical Music, Southbank Centre


September 14, 2009
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The sensor was attached to London City Pier and was performed by and ensemble of professional musicians, members of Centre for Young Musicians, and Joji Hirota’s taiko drummers.

“I thought the piece was amazing! Do dream up some more Thames music.’” Adrian Evans, Festival Director, Thames Festival

July 25, 2009
Full tidal flow
Tidal flow generating music
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The sensor was attached to Greenwich Pier, and the piece performed as part of the Royal Observatory’s Moon Festival.

“The vibraphone trills and tinkles, the flute sighs, the clarinet swooshes and the cellos throb like an undercurrent. It is ambient music to sweep you away…” Jane Whyatt, reviewer - Muso’s guide